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VSI Services

Not all laboratories need the same service. Why settle for someone else’ standards when you can have your cases done by your standards. Virtual Scientific offers a variety of solutions that can be easily customized to your needs. We work with your team to develop a seamless workflow process between your organization and ours. From wet-lab to director sign-out we offer it all.

Service Ethos

  • Our process is simple.

    Once your cases are received, VSI dedicates a group of certified technologists to your samples. This ensures that your samples are analyzed to your specifications. Cases can be reported in as little as 24 hours.*

  • VSI has a true virtual environment

    Our SSL encrypted website allows us to upload all images and documentation associated with your cases for easy access 24/7.

  • We work closely with your personnel

    VSI ensures seamless transactions between your organization and ours. Our extremely streamlined process allows us to keep a low overhead, passing on the savings to our clients. Save up to 42% on your cost per case.

What we accept

  • Wet Samples (BM, PB, Tissue)
  • G-Banded Slides
  • Digital Images

*24hr TAT quoted for cases submitted as digital images.

Complex abnormal may require more time.

VSI Service Brochure