Why Virtual Scientific

Virtual Scientific is the leader in turnaround time (TAT). We customize our cost-effective lab testing service packages to meet your specific needs. Did you know that Virtual Scientific is one of the few cytogenetic analysis laboratories that are willing to follow your laboratory director’s analysis protocol – enabling you to remain in control of your cases? When you outsource your work to VSI, we’ll get you back on track again quickly. We typically help labs catch-up on backlogged cases within two weeks. We also create easy-to-read reports that follow your reading guidelines and incorporate graphs and images so you can find testing results quickly. If your diagnostics lab is challenged with any of the following issues, Virtual Scientific can have a significant impact on your business.

  • Short-staffed
  • Falling behind on TAT
  • Limited by budget constraints
  • Required to do more with less
  • Forced to require technologists to work overtime
  • Challenged to find qualified technologists to hire

Our diagnostics lab is here to help your business succeed.

Laboratory Technologists

Get an Assessment – Why Switch?

Based on our experience with many of our clients, we have developed an assessment  to help you examine your specific needs and determine how our lab services can quickly make an impact on your business and employee morale. Call now and you will receive a customized response detailing how we can alleviate your backlog, eliminate the need for overtime, and reduce overall expenses.

CLIA Certified

At Virtual Scientific, we take certifications seriously. All sites are CLIA certified and our current team has an average of 18 years of experience in our field. With a strong focus on continued learning and education, we guarantee Virtual Scientific will always be at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

CLIA Certified

HIPAA compliant

As a healthcare company, you know the significance of HIPAA compliance. At Virtual Scientific, we have gone to great lengths to provide secure and compliant transmissions of patient data. Virtual Scientific uses only SSL encrypted websites and relies on secure FTP sites with a high level of credentialing for data exchange.

HIPAA Compliant