Professional Laboratory Services – Testing & Consulting

Virtual Scientific is one of very few providers that offer customized laboratory services and solutions to match your company standards. We work with your team to develop a seamless workflow process between your organization and ours. Our streamlined virtual lab testing process allows us to keep a low overhead, passing the savings on to you. In fact, many of our clients save up to 33 percent of usual cost per case.

Our process is simple. Once your cases are received, Virtual Scientific dedicates a group of CLIA certified technologists to your samples. We ensure that your samples are analyzed to your specifications. Our SSL encrypted website allows us to upload all images and documentation associated with your cases for easy access 24 x 7.

We accept G-Banded slides, and digital images and offer some of the fastest turnaround times (TAT) in the industry:

  • Slides – 2-day TAT (after receipt)
  • Digital images, up to 15 cases per day — 24-hour TAT*

*Complex, abnormal cases may require more time.

Professional Lab Services

Cytogenetics Testing

Cytogenetics is our core competency and our single focus. We take great pride in offering the best cytogenetics technologists in the field as well as the most efficient TAT and extremely cost-effective rates. We offer a variety of cytogenetics testing solutions that can be customized to fit your needs. Whether your organization needs a long-term partnership or just some extra help in the short term, we guarantee results.

Tech Only

  • Processing of G-banding slides
  • Chromosome analysis of 20 metaphases
  • Karyotypes and prints
  • TAT – 3 days 

Tech Only – digital

  • Chromosome analysis of 20 metaphases
  • Karyotypes andprints
  • TAT – 24 hours*

*24-hour TAT quotes are for cases submitted as digital images. Complex, abnormal cases may require more time.

Contact us today for information on a customized service package that will enable you to meet your organizational demands.

Cytogenetics Testing

FISH Analysis

We understand the increased demand for FISH (Fluorescence in situ Hybridization) testing that many laboratories are experiencing today. Considering the shortage of certified lab technologists, this increase can quickly become a challenge. Our clients benefit from a simple process of outsourcing to manage their backlogs with one of the most efficient and cost-effective processes in the industry.

Tech Only – digital

  • 200-500 cell analysis
  • Two representative images
  • TAT – 24 hours*

Contact us today for information on how we cater to organizations with a high demand for FISH testing and analysis.

FISH Analysis

Laboratory Consulting

Virtual Scientific’s staff of highly qualified individuals can help your organization succeed. Our consultants hold Master’s degrees in the fields of cytogenetics and information technology and are experienced in collaborating with clients to help design custom solutions that will best fulfill your organization’s needs.

Our experienced consultants can assist you in many areas, including:

  • Wet lab set-up
  • Laboratory design
  • Protocol development
  • Quality management program development
  • Licensure, certification, and accreditation
  • Training materials and programs
  • Process improvement
  • Hiring personnel
  • Virtual environment

Contact us today to discuss your laboratory’s needs. Our dedicated team will work with you to determine the most productive approach to resolving your current demands and meet long-term goals.

Laboratory Consulting

Education and Training

Virtual Scientific supports the cytogenetics community as a whole and strives to strengthen the industry. There is a recognized shortage of certified laboratory technologists in our field which is causing valid concern. In addition to supporting laboratories that are struggling with this issue by providing outsourced analysis, we also provide in-house training to assist company efforts to further train and develop current employees interested in growth.

Virtual Scientific offers a variety of lesson plans and training material. Contact us for more information on how we can help develop your organization’s employees to become industry leaders.

Cytogenetic Education and Training