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What are the average number of cases your technologists process for your lab on a daily basis?

Note, if you’re not sure, enter 2.2 for industry average

What are the number of days your technologists work in a month?

If you’re not sure, enter 22 for industry average

What is your lab’s average reimbursement fee per case?

Note, if you are not sure, enter $173 for the Medicare industry average

What is the average salary you pay a lab technologist?

Note, if you are not sure, enter $61,000 for industry average

Did you know that the cost to hire a single lab technologist for your company actually costs over:

You also incur an additional cost to maintain that single employee of: $172,000

And your lost productivity on that employee for things like training and paid time off is: $172,000

Even more astonishing is that the average cost of your team supporting a single technologist annually is $27,000

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