Tips to Improve TAT in Your Cytogenetic Analysis

The end goal of delivering a cytogenetic analysis test is to inform a patient whether they have tested positive or negative for apotential disease. These are serious discussions and require 100 percent accuracy in testing to ensure the proper diagnosis and treatment. Due to the nature of this work, clinicians and patients rely on fast turnaround time (TAT) to obtain cytogenetic analysis results as quickly as possible.

The faster the TAT, the better the credibility of the laboratory, and more importantly, the better the experience for the patient. A quicker result means moving forward with necessary treatment faster, or it could mean an early discharge, eliminating unnecessary expense. Occasionally, a delayed TAT may lead to duplication of sample requests, potentially overloading the lab with a backlog of cases.

The examples above make it easy to see why TAT is one of the most important indications of a laboratory service level. TAT is often used for benchmarking and is used by many clinicians to judge the quality of the cytogenetics testing lab. There are various inhibitors to a quick TAT including some of the most common, listed below:

Common Causes of Delayed TAT in Cytogenetic Analysis:

  • Increase in workload
  • Understaffed team of technologists
  • Low morale due to required overtime
  • Manual slide analysis
  • Delay in case transcription
  • Space limitations

These types of issues, and others, lead to decreased efficiency in processing cytogenetic analysis cases. Fortunately, outsourcing to a reputable cytogenetic analysis provider is one of the best ways for you to confidently increase TAT without sacrificing quality. Virtual Scientific cytogenetic technologists are 100% ASCP certified, closely emulate your workflow processes to ensure seamless transfers between your lab and ours, and have an average of 18 years of experience in the field.

Using our professional lab services, you will be able to extend your hours to evenings and second shift.Our competitive rates typically save clients up to 33 percent of cost per case, and our secure virtual environment allows us to return tech-only cases in as little as 24 hours.

Download the Executive Guide: “Top Considerations for Cytogenetic Laboratory Send Outs” to learn more about how our services can increase your turnaround time and save costs. Or contact us for a complimentary consultation.