Send Outs: What to Look for in Outsourced Cytogenetic Testing

Send outs are a fact of life in the cytogenetic testing world. With the increase in demand for testing and the limited number of qualified cytogenetic technologist, it is hard to maintain a perfect technologist-to-caseload balance. Whether send outs are a defined business model, an occasional necessity based on spikes in caseloads, or due to employee time off, they are a great option for labs that need to stay on schedule.

Review the list of considerations below to help ensure you are choosing a committed outsourced cytogenetic testing partner that will seamlessly act as an extension of your team.

What to Look for in Outsourced Cytogenetic Testing

Customer Service – meeting commitments to your customers is vital. Be sure to select an outsourced lab that shares your sense of loyalty. At Virtual Scientific, we want to help you meet your goals and get results back to patients as soon as possible.

TAT – turn-around-time from an outsourced cytogenetic testing lab is critical. Gain a clear understanding of expectations and guarantees before you sign a contract. Virtual Scientific provides some of the fastest TAT in the industry:

  • Slides – 2 day TAT (after receipt)
  • Digital images, up to 15 cases per day — 24-hour TAT*

Cost-Effectiveness – costs are always a factor. Labs following best practices and using the latest technologies can save you up to 33 percent on cost per case. Be sure you clearly understand pricing before you engage a new lab.

Client Relationships – find an outsourced cytogenetic testing lab that will emulate your workflow process to ensure a seamless transfer between your lab and theirs.  At Virtual Scientific, our professional technologists follow your lab director’s analysis protocol so that you maintain control over your samples.

Operational Hours – extend your operational hours to evenings and weekends with a lab that provides 24 x 7 access to your cases and expedited results from weekend and second shift availability.

Exceptional Technologists – quality is non-negotiable. Ensure you work with a lab that employs only ASCP certified cytogenetic technologists with field experience.

Certifications – outsourced cytogenetic testing must be done under rigorous regulations. Ensure your provider is HIPAA compliant, and that each of their locations is CLIA certified.

To learn more about how Virtual Scientific can help you manage your send outs, take our free assessment.