What Makes a Great Cytogenetic Tech?

Great cytogenetic techs are an equal combination of precise, structured analysis and strong, passionate personality. They bring a unique skillset to the table that drives them to dig into the analysis as much as necessary to get to a certainty regarding the result.

Cytogenetic testing involves minutia, and it takes someone with a strong background in science to understand what they are looking at and what it all means. There is no room for grey in the world of cytogenetics, so the tech is responsible for determining with near 100% accuracy whether the result is black or white.

Determining the right result requires an ambitious person who truly believes in what they do. To maintain a continual caseload throughout each day, a great cytogenetic tech finds purpose in their work and takes pride in completing cases within short turn-around times (TAT).

The lab testing industry places high importance on TAT, and it is critical for cytogenetic techs to meet deadlines. As such, it is critical that a cytogenetic tech be goal-oriented so they ensure they meet their individual deadlines and achieve company goals.

The ability to conduct manual analysis remains a necessary skillset. Even though imaging technology has taken over as the most prominent method of laboratory analysis today, the human factor is still sometimes needed.

Finally, from an academic perspective, cytogenetic techs are required to achieve ASCP (American Society for Clinical Pathology) certification through the (BOC) Board of Certification. Additionally, if a tech is working remotely, he/she will need to become CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified at their place of work.

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